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5 Reasons to Play With Your Dog Regularly

May 15, 2020

Does your canine buddy sometimes bring you his favorite toy with that adorable look on his face? Fido is always cute, but he’s never more adorable than when he’s feeling frisky. Here, a Dutchess County, NY vet lists some great reasons to play with your pet. 


Our canine pals need proper activity to stay in shape, just like people do. Dogs can quickly get pudgy if they don’t get enough activity. Obesity can lead to many different health issues in dogs, such as heart disease and bone/joint issues, to name a few. Playing is a great way for Fido to get his doggy workout in. Even a few minutes of running and jumping will burn a lot of calories!


Fido is quite smart and curious, and he can get pretty restless and bored with nothing to do. Playing helps keep your furry buddy amused and entertained. It also keeps him from getting that sad look dogs sometimes get when they’re bored! 


Dogs really are wonderful friends and companions. They offer us unconditional love and loyalty and countless smooches and cuddles. However, it is important to nurture that friendship. When you toss a ball or Frisbee for Fido, or let him tug on a rope toy, he’ll know you’re doing something special for him. This a great way to make your furry best friend feel loved, and get that cute tail wagging. 

Curb The Zoomies

Some of our canine patients are couch potatoes, but others are basically furry, four-legged rockets. If your pup falls into the latter category, you’ll find that fun play sessions are great for letting Fido burn off all that excess energy. Afterwards, your pooch will hopefully be ready for treats, cuddles, and naps, and will be too tired to dig holes in the yard or chase after the cat. Tired dogs are good dogs!

It’s Fun

Last but not least, you may find that doggy playtime is just as much fun for you as it is for Fido. It’s always fun to watch a cute canine happily bounding after a stick or his favorite squeaky toy! That joyful doggy exuberance tends to be contagious, which is definitely a great thing in our book. 

Please contact us, your Dutchess County, NY vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care! 

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