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Kitty Manipulation Tactics

June 16, 2020

June 24th is Cat World Domination Day. Fluffy may be small, but she certainly does have a way of bossing us around. How do these little furballs manage to wrap their humans around their paws? In this article, a Dutchess County, NY vet discusses some kitty manipulation tactics. 


When it comes to kitty manipulation, the meow is by far our feline pals’ most effective weapon. Cats actually don’t speak to one another: they communicate with body language, facial expressions, and sometimes, by attacking each other. Fluffy saves her voice for her humans, and usually only speaks up when she wants something. In fact, cats use the meow as a sort of all-purrpose command. Your furball may speak up when she’s hungry or wants attention, or sometimes just to say hello or tell you she pushed her favorite toy under the couch again.

The Run And Weave

Fluffy has some very effective—and adorable—ways of getting our attention, aside from just yelling at us. One thing she may do is run out in front of you as you’re walking. She may weave back and forth, just to make sure you see her. Your kitty may be trying to help you work on your balance. Or, she may have something more dubious in mind. With cats, it’s hard to say.

Leg Rub

Another way our feline overlords get out attention is by rubbing against our legs. Kitties usually do this when their humans are cooking, perhaps as a reminder to offer a yummy treat. This, coupled with a plaintive meow, is almost impossible to resist.


Cats love being pampered, but they’re still predators at heart. Fluffy will dutifully keep her hunting skills sharp, by pouncing on catnip mice, little balls, and occasionally, you. This is a very effective way for your feisty pet to get you to play with her!


Have you ever noticed that there’s a suspiciously high percentage of cat memes and videos online? Kitties have a way of making us laugh, which is one reason we love them so much. However, one has to wonder if Fluffy is deliberately trying to take over the internet. Is that why our feline buddies just can’t seem to resist dozing off on our computers? 

Please contact us, your Dutchess County, NY vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.. We’re here to help! 

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Kitty Manipulation Tactics

June 24th is Cat World Domination Day. Fluffy may be small, but she certainly does…
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