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Keeping Kitty Cool

July 15, 2020

Summer is officially upon us! Hot weather can be dangerous for cats. Fluffy can’t sweat to cool herself off, so she can quickly overheat in rising temperatures. A local Dutchess County, NY vet offers some tips on helping your furball beat the heat below.


Fluffy’s fur coat actually insulates her from the heat. However, dead hair and dander can make your pet’s coat hot and itchy. Brush your feline pal regularly. (This is also a great way to make her feel pampered and loved.)

Cool Bed

Cats spend a lot of time just lounging around. When it’s cold out, Fluffy will probably curl up in a warm spot. In summer, she’ll sprawl out in the shade. Make sure your pet has some cool spots to pick from. You can put a cold towel on her bed, or point a fan at or over it. Another option is to make your furry buddy a kitty hammock. All you need to do is attach a piece of material to the legs of a coffee or end table. Then, tell your furball to stay out of it. She’ll probably jump right in!

Cold Treats

Most of the time, cats will turn their little noses up at cold food. (This makes sense, because in the wild, they eat their prey very fresh, so it would still be warm.) However, when temperatures rise, Fluffy may like something cool. Offer her a bowl of chilled sodium-free broth, or try keeping her canned food in the fridge. You can also buy or make frozen treats, like kitty ice cream. Here’s an easy one: dribble tuna and tuna juice over shaved ice. Voila!

Ice Pawkey

Kitties are always adorable, but they’re extra cute when they are smacking a toy around. Offer Fluffy a piece of ice to bat around. Since cats use their paw pads to regulate their temperature, this will help keep her from overheating. It’s also cute to watch!


Making sure Fluffy always has fresh water is very important! You may want to get your kitty a fountain. Many cats prefer to drink running water. This is why you may sometimes find Fluffy drinking from the bathroom faucet. Be sure to clean your pet’s bowls daily.

Please reach out to us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Dutchess County, NY vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care!

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