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Black Cat Facts

October 15, 2020

Fall is officially here! Pumpkin-flavored everything is the flavor of the month, and the stores are filled with seasonal trappings. You’ll probably find lots of black cats depicted in Halloween décor. A local Dutchess County, NY veterinarian discusses these cute furballs below.

Benefits of Having A Black Cat

Black cats offer some very specific advantages. For one thing, they match any outfit or décor. They also tend to be very sweet and lovable. (We may be a bit biased on this one.) Fluffy also takes some pretty adorable photos. It’s hard not to chuckle when you see a picture of what looks like a tiny void with big eyes and a fluffy tail!

Breed Awareness

Although black is quite a common color, the Cat Fanciers’ Association only allows 22 breeds to sport all-black coats. Out of those, only one is always black; the chatty, affectionate Bombay, a kitty that often looks like a tiny panther. (Fluffy also seems to think she’s a panther, but that’s a whole other topic.)

Color Coordination

Did you know that black cats aren’t really black? If you look at your feline pal in the sunlight, you may notice that her fur is actually a very pretty shade of dark brown. If Fluffy spends a lot of time in the sun, her fur may even lighten up a bit.


Due to old—yet persistent—myths, black kitties have long been associated with witches and witchcraft. That PR hasn’t really been good for Fluffy. Black cats, on average, spend more time in shelters than other kitties. Unfortunately, they are also at higher risk of being hurt or stolen, especially around Halloween. That’s part of the reason why there are now Black Cat Appreciation Days; to spread the word about these sweet kitties, and hopefully help dispel those old wives’ tales.


If you have a black cat, we strongly recommend keeping Fluffy indoors until after Halloween. In fact, we recommend keeping our feline pals inside all the time. They’re much safer staying in, where they aren’t endangered by cars, weather, or other hazards.

Famous Black Kitties

Quite a few kitty celebrities have been dressed in black. There’s Sylvester from Looney Toons, Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and, more recently, Cole from Cole and Marmalade. We think they’re all adorable!

Please contact us, your Dutchess County, NY veterinary clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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