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Doggie Date Night

February 1, 2021

There’s a new pet holiday on the books. February 3rd is Doggie Date Night! This is a great reminder of how important it is to spend quality time with Fido. Here, a Dutchess County, NY vet lists some fun activities that both couples and singles people can enjoy with their pets. 


Walks are of course a necessity for many of you, just for sanitary reasons. However, Fido really enjoys going to new places. Change up your walking route, and take your pup somewhere new.


Fido tends to pay very close attention when his humans are cooking things. Why not make something for your canine pal? You’ll find lots of great recipes for homemade doggy treats online. Just be sure to only use ingredients that are safe for your furry friend.


A good date will almost always include a delicious meal. Treat both yourself and your pup to something special. Plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat, is always a good bet. Just stick with foods that are safe for dogs.

Spa Day

Fido may not be thrilled about getting bathed, but he does appreciate feeling soft and clean. Book your four-legged buddy an appointment at his salon. You may also want to treat yourself to a self-care day: get your hair done, or book a massage. Later, you’ll be able to snuggle up with a fresh, clean pet.


Board games are a classic go-to for those cold winter nights. Indulge Fido with a dog-friendly version of the three cups game. Turn three plastic cups upside down, and put a treat beneath one of them. Move them around, and make your pooch guess which one is hiding his treat!


Do you enjoy making things? Look online for things you can make for Fido. You can turn an old tee shirt into a rope toy. Or, make a bed for your canine companion.


Since the onset of the pandemic, staying in and watching movies has become the norm for many people. Look for a great movie that features dogs. Lady and the Tramp will always be cute. Other good choices? A Dog’s Life, Marley and Me, and, of course, Beethoven’s Fifth . You may want to grab some tissues, though: these can be tearjerkers!

Please contact us, your Dutchess County, NY veterinary clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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