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What if Cats Had Thumbs?

March 1, 2021

Here at Billings Animal Hospital, we like to celebrate the various pet holidays. There’s a pretty cute one around the corner. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! It’s probably safe to say that if dogs grew thumbs, they’d be very interested in eating all your food and taking themselves on adventures. But what about Fluffy? What do you think your kitty would do if she suddenly grew opposable thumbs? A local Dutchess County, NY vet offers a few ‘pawsible’ options in this article.


One thing most pets have in common? They love it when we help them out with itchies. Fluffy may very well grab a hand scratcher, brush, or anything else on hand and get that stubborn spot she can’t reach.


Speaking of grooming, we also suspect kitties would really up their game when it comes to their beauty regimens. Fluffy would probably want to try all of your brushes or combs.

Let The Dog Out

Although cats and dogs can get along, they can and do get quite jealous of each other. Fluffy may very well open the door to let Fido out … and then lock him out. Some kitties would likely take it a step further, and toss out their canine roommates’ beds and toys!


Given the ability, your furry pal may decide to sample everything technology has to offer. It wouldn’t be long before packages started arriving at your door. What would Fluffy order? Catnip, live fish, kitty furniture, and p erhaps a cattle prod for when you’re slow with her second or third breakfasts.


Our feline buddies are hunters by nature, so it isn’t much of a stretch to think that they’d probably be interested in adding a few tools to their assortment of claws and teeth. Your furball may also want to experiment with using things like nets and traps to catch mice and squirrels.

Food Raid

Kitties can be a bit finicky, but they’re still quite interested in food. Fluffy would likely sample everything in your fridge, and then open all the cans and boxes in your cupboards.


Cats are nothing if not curious. Fluffy wouldn’t feel too terribly guilty about ransacking your cupboards and drawers, just to see what’s in them.

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