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Taking Your Cat to Work

June 15, 2021

June 22nd is Take Your Cat To Work Day! This cute kitty holiday may look a bit different this year than it usually does. If you’ve been working from home over the last year, you may need to prepare Fluffy for your return to work. In some cases, you may be able to take her with you. But is that a good idea? A Dutchess County, NY vet discusses working with Fluffy below.

Working From Home

The pandemic may be easing, but it looks like working from home is here to stay. If you’ve decided to ditch the commute, you’ll need a good home office. Of course, Fluffy will be sharing this space with you. You’ll need to minimize the risk of kitty shenanigans. Set your screen-lock time to 30 seconds, so your furball won’t mess anything up if she walks over your keyboard while you’re refilling your coffee. Speaking of coffee, use spillproof cups for anything you drink at your desk.

Taking Fluffy To The Office

Do you have the option of taking your pet to work? That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you should. For one thing, most cats hate car rides. This is, in many cases, reason enough to leave your feline friend at home. Many kitties are also uneasy about strange people and places. Fluffy will do best in a position in a quiet store or office, where she can spend her day relaxing, supervising you, and napping.


Kitties like to keep a very close eye on their humans. Your furball will naturally take on a supervisory role. Just don’t expect much of a reward if your pet decides your work is above average. In fact, Fluffy may show her admiration by biting you, sitting on your paperwork, or knocking everything off your desk. If your furry buddy is wreaking havoc in your workspace, put a shallow box at your workstation. Cat trap activated!

Stress Relief

One great thing about working with kitties? They’re great stress relief! It’s wonderfully calming to be able to reach out and absently pet your feline pal as you’re poring over reports or numbers. A purring cat is also a great comfort on hectic days. However, you can’t completely adopt Fluffy’s laid-back ‘cattitude.’ Sleeping on the job is a definite don’t !

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