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4 Pet Safety Tips for “Home Alone” Dogs

April 15, 2022
As a pet parent, it can be hard to leave your dog at home alone, wondering if something might happen to him while you’re away. Considering Fido is, after all, just an innocent pooch, leaving him home alone can be a recipe for disaster under the right circumstances. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure your pet’s safety when you’re away. In this post, a veterinarian shares some safety tips for “home alone” dogs.

Provide Entertainment

Much like with people, boredom can drive dogs to do things they wouldn’t normally do, especially when they’re alone. Chewing up sofa cushions and scratching up the carpet are just a few harmless activities a bored pooch can get into. There are always the more dangerous options too, such as chewing on electrical cords or getting trapped under a heavy piece of furniture. For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to provide Fido with some form of entertainment to keep him busy, such as: Chew toys Interactive toys Doggy puzzles A treat-dispensing toy (that’s challenging, of course) Leave the TV on Play calming music

Never Leave Your Dog in the Yard Unsupervised

It can be tempting to let Fido roam the yard when you’ll only be gone for an hour or two. Unfortunately, there’s always a risk that the few hours he gets outside alone is the one time he figures out how to escape. Also, if it happens to be really hot or cold outside, this is not only uncomfortable for him but can lead to health issues like heat stroke, frostbite, burnt paw pads, and even sunburn.

Doggy-Proof Your Home

Doggy-proofing your home is a good way to keep Fido from getting into trouble or getting hurt. Here are a few areas to focus on: Put away any hazardous objects, especially things your dog might try to eat Get a garbage bin that has a latched lid and store it in a cupboard or restricted area Get covers for any exposed electrical cords and/or place them out of reach Consider placing child-proof locks on your cabinets

Close Your Windows

Open windows, even if there’s a screen in place, make for prime escape routes, especially if Fido spots a squirrel outside. So be sure to close and lock all your windows before you head out. If you must leave your windows open for ventilation, make sure they’re secured and can only open a few inches. Please feel free to call us for more dog safety tips or to schedule your pooch for a checkup.
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