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Meet The Werewolf Kitty

Halloween isn’t far off now. Pop into almost any store this week, and you’ll plenty of iconic Halloween decor, including things decorated with spiders, skulls, vampires, mummies, and, of course, werewolves. Speaking of werewolves, there’s an adorable new addition to …
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Caring For A Deaf Cat

This Sunday is the first day of National Deaf Pet Awareness Week. This is definitely a topic that could use a little more attention. About one percent of the kitty population is deaf. Fluffy can still lead a very full …
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9 Signs That Your Pet Is In Pain

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Pets may be very good at making their points when they want treats, walks, or lap space, but they often have trouble letting on when they’re sick or in pain. To complicate matters, some …
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How to Introduce a Dog to Your Resident Cat

Are you looking for a dog to adopt? Congratulations! Unfortunately, if you have a cat, she probably won’t be as excited as we are. First impressions are an extremely big deal to pets. Introductions between a dog and cat must …
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Chocolate and Dogs

While we love to indulge in decadent chocolate, this is one food celebration you don’t want to allow your pet to enjoy. Chocolate is extremely toxic to our furry pals! A local veterinarian offers some information on chocolate toxicity in …
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