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Black Cat Facts

Fall is officially here! Pumpkin-flavored everything is the flavor of the month, and the stores are filled with seasonal trappings. You’ll probably find lots of black cats depicted in Halloween décor. A local Dutchess County, NY veterinarian discusses these cute …
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Autumn Care for Dogs

Fall is officially here! This is a beautiful time of year here in New York. However, you will need to add a few things to your to-do list to get Fido ready for winter. In this article, a Dutchess County, …
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Things Cats Don't Care About

Cats are very curious little furballs, to say the least. Fluffy takes certain things—such as her napping schedule, meals, and beauty routines—very seriously. However, there are some things that our feline overlords really aren’t too concerned with. Here, a Dutchess …
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Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

September is Happy Cat Month! Our feline friends should always be happy, healthy, and loved. However, this is a great time to make your cute pet feel extra special. Why not spoil Fluffy a bit? A local Dutchess County, NY …
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Cute Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

There’s a pretty special pet holiday around the corner. August 26 is National Dog Day! Our canine friends really do bring a lot of love and laughter to our lives. This is a great time to celebrate Fido’s friendship, love, …
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Frozen Doggy Treats for DOGust

The Dog Days of Summer are here! In fact, DOGust, the unofficial shelter dog birthday, is today, August 1st. If you got your pooch from a shelter, you have our support. We love seeing pups get second chances! Of course, …
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