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What if Cats Had Thumbs?

Here at Billings Animal Hospital, we like to celebrate the various pet holidays. There’s a pretty cute one around the corner. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! It’s probably safe to say that if dogs grew thumbs, they’d…

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Walk Your Dog Day

Walk Your Dog Day is coming up February 23rd! We know, many dogs get walked every day. However, even if your canine pal has a yard to run around in, he’ll still benefit from regular walks. Read on as a…

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Doggie Date Night

There’s a new pet holiday on the books. February 3rd is Doggie Date Night! This is a great reminder of how important it is to spend quality time with Fido. Here, a Dutchess County, NY vet lists some fun activities…

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Did you know that dogs can suffer from anxiety, just like people can? Separation anxiety is extremely common in our canine buddies. A Dutchess County, NY discusses separation anxiety below. B  asics The name separation anxiety is actually pretty…

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Seasonal Snacks for Fido

The holiday season, for many of us, means letting go of some of our dietary restrictions, loosening the belts, and savoring some delicious seasonal food. Many of our canine patients are all-in on those things! There’s nothing wrong with indulging…

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